A Motivational Storytelling Speaker Who Speaks About Breakthrough and Finding Clarity

A storytelling speaker, Gwendolyn shares her heart and unapologetic truth through storytelling. Making a connection with her audience by sharing personal stories of adversity, clarity, and rediscovery.


Gwendolyn’s key focus as a speaker, moderator, and interviewer is to make an authentic connection with the audience or interviewee. 

Her inviting energy and vibrant enthusiasm make for successful conversations and panel discussions. 

Finding Your Inner Wonder Woman

For many of us, we can lose our voice and sense of value through our relationships, circumstances in life, or believing the stories we tell ourselves. This could be especially true for moms, losing their identity with the responsibilities of being a caretaker and parent.

In some ways, we all have experienced making ourselves less relevant so others can absorb the attention away from you. Some experiences are short-lived, while others could be a way of life for years or even decades.

Gwendolyn challenges the status quo of having to compromise who you are, your passions, and dreams to support the people around you. She knows what it takes to unlock the truth and personal power to stand with confidence and strength so you can be true to yourself without giving up on others.

Sharing Her Breakthrough Through Storytelling

To the outside world, Gwendolyn had it all. The family, the celebrity husband, and a successful modeling career on T.V., but inside she wasn’t fulfilled, being complaisant, ignored her feelings of disappointment.

Until she had a personal breakthrough, a moment of clarity at a time when her life was the most chaotic and messy with a divorce. She realized she had to be honest with her truth about what she wanted from life, not what was expected from her.

Speaks About Finding The Clarity in Your Life

It’s not easy to achieve a moment of clarity, but it is possible. What does having a moment of clarity mean?

For Gwendolyn, it means to quiet your mind, breathe with intention, release any expectations and self-negative thoughts and be honest with yourself at that moment. A moment of clarity could be a fleeting moment or a long-lasting one that could change your life.

A positive change that you want to see happen in your life will never have its moment without having clarity first—a moment to tap into your moment of truth and accept whatever decision that comes along with it.

Gwendolyn will share best practices on how to work towards a moment of clarity. As a certified meditation teacher, she applies her knowledge of calming the mind and centering yourself on creating space for reflective questions that will lead to a moment of clarity.

Topics Gwendolyn speaks about with her diverse audience of women and men who seek to find their moment of clarity for personal development, relationships, and career.  

Learn About Gwendolyn’s Story

Learn more about Gwendolyn as she talks about her career and what has led her to this moment of sharing her story with others.

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Gwendolyn as a Guest Speaker or Panelist

Gwendolyn is a Los Angeles based actor, podcaster, breakthrough, and meditation coach. A motivational storytelling speaker who shares her personal breakthrough story to help others find their moment of clarity.

Speaking Engagements

You can listen to Gwendolyn speak or as a moderator on panels at the following events:

She Is Hope LA: Ignite Your Magic

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Modern Day Wife - Meet in Malibu

Thursday, Jun 23, 2022- 2:30 PM

Location: Malibu, CA


Wonder Woman Initiative

Friday, December 2, 2022- 5:30 PM

Location: Miami, FL


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