Gwen osborne

& Inspirational

Gwen is the committed,
open, dynamic force
you're looking for.

And she has a mission to help you find 
your inner Wonder Woman

For Gwen, the opportunity to recently become a warrior in Wonder Woman ’84 forever changed her life. By connecting with her raw inner warrior, she discovered a new passion: to help all women tap into the same power.


Based on her own journey,

Gwen shares keys to unlocking your inner Wonder Woman, including….

Quieting negative inner thoughts and unleashing your strong voice
Creating your most powerful self by showing up and trying new things
Identifying your passions and successfully fulfilling them by training hard in everyday life

Gwen transparently models these keys in her own daily life, and invites you to the same.
The result is achieving the things you never thought you could.

Join her and discover your inner wonder woman

Gwen introduces
you to characters
you'll never forget.

After starting her successful career in the modeling industry on the runway, print and commercials, Gwen transitioned into a spokesmodel on the television game show ‘The Price Is Right’. Gaining the historical accolade of the longest running woman of color to work on a daytime game show. She is featured as an elite competitor, badass Amazon in the latest feature film, Wonder Woman 1984.


Take a break and sip
some tea with
Gwen and friends
on her podcast.

From teen mom to celebrity life and all the necessary trials in-between, join Gwen for real-life advice on how you can maintain your health, wellness and beauty.


Gwen is a down-to-earth
ceo dedicated to making
natural luxury accesible
to all women.

As a model, Gwen had access to the best skincare, and she longed to give that luxurious experience  to all women. It was through reserch that she educated herself about solutions and created her own skincare, Lomolique. Lomolique facial oil contains Gwen’s anti-aging secret ingredient, Renovage, so any woman using it will look and feel more like a goddess.

Gwen is a certified meditation teacher
by The path.

Teaching Mindfulness, Compassion and Mindful Leadership

The Path is meditation for the modern mind. Book Gwen to teach small groups or to facilitate meditations in the work place, retreats and to speak about wellness and mindfulness.