A Motivational Storytelling Speaker Who Speaks About Breakthrough and Finding Clarity

Gwendolyn shares her heart and unapologetic truth through storytelling. Making a connection with her audience by sharing personal stories of adversity, clarity, and rediscovery.

Sharing Her Breakthrough Through Storytelling

To the outside world, Gwendolyn had it all. The family, the celebrity husband, and a successful modeling career on T.V., but inside she wasn’t fulfilled, being complaisant, ignored her feelings of disappointment.

Until she had a personal breakthrough, a moment of clarity at a time when her life was the most chaotic and messy with a divorce. She realized she had to be honest with her truth about what she wanted from life, not what was expected from her.

Finding Your Inner Wonder Woman

For many of us, we can lose our voice and sense of value through our relationships, circumstances in life, or believing the stories we tell ourselves. This could be especially true for moms, losing their identity with the responsibilities of being a caretaker and parent.

In some ways, we all have experienced making ourselves less relevant so others can absorb the attention away from you. Some experiences are short-lived, while others could be a way of life for years or even decades.

Gwendolyn challenges the status quo of having to compromise who you are, your passions, and dreams to support the people around you. She knows what it takes to unlock the truth and personal power to stand with confidence and strength so you can be true to yourself without giving up on others.

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